The prompt was to create a 12 page book about images we had taken from floors of the Pollak building. With these gathered images, we generated "gestures" to create a piece with limitations where the pages had to be black & white and 6x6 inch compositions. 
With these gestures, the piece centers around the idea
of remembering a concept I heard often as a kid: When you’re sad, if you smile and act happy it will trick your mind into feeling better. So when it’s too hard to smile, smile too hard. ︎︎

Materials used: Resin, pink dye, iridescent glitter, pink glitter stars, pastel assorted letters/numbers, chain, bells, baby pink ribbon, marbled vellum paper, inkjet printed

VCUarts, Fall Semester 2019

Core Studio III

GDES Junior Year

This digital publication is a documentation of the thoughts and research I did during the difficult times of the COVID-19 breakout within the US in March 2020. The imagery reflects that of my own mind, trying to process emotions, social media, and the current state of the world.

VCUarts, Spring Semester 2020

Multi Studio

GDES Junior Year

During a transformative era of my life at the time, I experienced events that led to a journey of seriously delving into self-growth. This publication interprets what I wanted my journey to flourish into and the steps needed to motivate myself. Using natural elements and minimal wording as a medium, I directed and shot different photograph scenes to represent what this journey looked like to me. I hope to inspire this kind of journey with others through experiencing this publication's contents as well.

Model: Cindy Roman

VCU, Fall Semester 2018

Imaging I

GDES Sophomore Year